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Rusted Art

This picture depicts several of the many reasons I love Napa. Not only do I feel at home among its tall trees, rugged creek banks, and unkempt brambles, but I also love that it is a place where old, rusty machinery is left to be discovered, recognized for what it is: art that makes walks at dusk all the more beautiful.

Following in the footsteps of Ruth Young, the protagonist of Amy Tan's The Bonesetter's Daughter, I have retreated to a cabin and informed those around me that I am entering a place of silence. Seem extreme, but my day-to-day routine - directing a sales team, doing presentations/classes, coaching/playing volleyball, teaching yoga, and socializing with friends - leaves me constantly talking, finding silence only when I take a yoga class and in the few minutes before sleep. My goal is to not speak a word and take time to listen to my thoughts, run, stretch, read, and write.

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