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The First Song

Many of us recall being an awkward teenager in a car with people who are slightly cooler according to the hierarchy of high school. These are people you really want to impress because at the time it seems your life depends on it. (Well, your social life, but try distinguishing those to a teenager.) The strategy of "play it cool" seems doable if you agree with them, avoid exited outbursts, and keep your head down except for when you bob it to the songs they seem to like. All is going to plan and a return invite for the next fun, popular-kid thing seems imminent until they ask you to pick the next song.

A single song? Now? I need at least a day to plan for this. If you pick an artist or style they've been playing, then you're just a copycat. If too obscure, then you'll be that weird person nobody jives with. If it's too mainstream, your tastes will seem boring at best, basic at worst. Without an array of songs for them to see your range, so much pressure rests in that single song choice. If it doesn't go to plan, maybe you won't get to pick another and they won't see how eclectic your tastes really are.

That's the best way I can describe writing a post to get this blog started. Here's to more melodies and a larger sample size.

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